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The 2020 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament will go down as the first shock to our system. The first indicator that Corona virus was not going to pass by unnoticed like the swine flu and bird flu in previous years.  

So I'll replay the week prior to the tournament as it played out for me last year. If you recall, conference tournaments were in full swing. I was hoping to move more people to putting their entries in on-line and not by paper, and that Monday had put out signs in all the break rooms at the Banks. I emailed a friend of mine who also runs an annual pool, advising him to make preparations in case the tournament got interupted. I never considered it might not start.

My last act before I left the tenth floor on the banks for what would be the last time for several months was to collect all those signs and throw them away. There wasn't going to be a tournament.

Technically, that means Michael Carlton is still champion. But Michael and his team have created a lot of work for me recently. For that reason alone, we must have a tournament in 2021 and crown a new champion.

2022 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Team Tracker
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