Welcome to the planning page for our upcoming Halloween Party.

Saturday October 9, 2021 @ 5:00 PM
Rain Date: Saturday October 16, 2021 (most of the activites are planned)
1192 Emery Ridge Drive, Batavia

Plan on a modest costume that you can still be active in.
Failure to wear a costume could result in other party goers getting to dress you up and do your make up. Explain that at church Sunday morning!

Steph and Amy: What is a party without crafts?
David and Brian: A good time!

I suspect that will be scoffed out. But we are planning some pumpkin carving.
I believe Terri has even suggested a sing along to go with it.
So we've essentially added kareoke to our crafts.

We are planning a haunted trail. Hence the modest costumes that you can be active in. Would hate for anyone to get stuck in our spooky woods because their costume didn't fit between the trees.
The trail will include a quitters path which will greatly shorten the tail for the meak and mild.
UPDATE: I am concerned we will not have enough people to haunt the trail. So I've reached out to some full-time scarers. Well Rachel's... friends who are just scary naturally.

Corn Hole, adult Crow-K (don't worry, I've checked the HOA rules, its not that kind of adult Crow-K) are under consideration, but no promises.
Halloween Trivia, Dead or Alive? can be played sitting on our butts around the fire pit.
Maybe have a scavenger hunt.

Crow-K is out (I said Cornhole last time). We will do pumpkin carving and the haunted trail. Don't want to overload this group with too many activities.

I know these parties usually run light on food, and we'll try to break the mold. That doesn't mean the food won't have mold (it's a halloween party, toughen up a little), just that there will be plenty of it. We'll start a list here.

Alcohol? Maybe? I know we may have teens and young adults (we're running out of "children", making this more of a seniors party). Let me know your thoughts here. We'll abstain if anyone objects or simply prefers not to. And don't get excited. Ya ain't gettin' drunk on the amount of alcohol in this house.
- Kathleen is making Diced Monkey Brains Over Maggots (Orange Chicken and Rice)
- David is making (yes, Daivd is making, not Kathleen is making and David is taking credit) fruit salad
- We'll have chips and salsa / guac
- Kathleen may make a cake. Depends on how the rest of the week goes.