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CCET Switching At Macon Video
Posted to Facebook Cincinnati Eastern Railroad Group Page October 4, 2018 by Brian Gibson. Description from post

Shortline railroad switching, exchanging loaded scrap metal railcars for empty rail cars. Cincinnati Eastern Railroad operates a Norfolk & Western Railway branch line. Swapping 2 loaded gondola railcars for 3 empty gons at Cohen Recycling in Macon Ohio. Showing the whole switching operation. I also show them returning with the 2 loaded scrap metal gondolas and a covered hopper car that they picked up from railcar storage in Mount Zion, Ohio. The ex Montana Rail Link EMD SD45-2 locomotive switched the customer, then went to Mount Zion to pick up the covered hopper and then ran around their train there in order to return. They were short on time so they left their train at Mt Zion overnight and returned the next day. That is when I filmed them in Williamsburg Ohio with the historic railroad signals in the background ( ex N&W signals deactivated around 2003 ). Norfolk Southern still owns this railroad branch and leases 69+ miles to Cincinnati Eastern Railroad. There are 3 regular customers on the line plus car storage and the occasional use of the quarry for ballast. Trains normally operate Monday through Friday during first shift hours and use 160.860 megahertz. 2 or 3 times a week they make it to the area that this was filmed. In the last scene you can see my 2 year old grandson. This was the first time that he had ever seen a train in real life. He prefers Thomas The Tank Engine while I prefer shortline railroads. Thanks for watching! Please comment, give a thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE TO JAWTOOTH AND ACTIVATE THE BELL!
Location: Macon, OH Date: 10/4/2018
Source: Jaw Tooth / Brian Gibson Collection (
Photo ID: 1800
Video Link: View Video!
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