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Portsmouth Icing Platform
Posted to Facebook by Chad Fannin November 5, 2020. Description from post.

Two photos of the icing platform at Clare Yard and one of the platform in Portsmouth. Ice was a very important part of railroad transportation, primarily being used in refrigeration cars, more commonly called reefers. Ice was loaded through roof hatches on each end of the insulated car to fill bunkers that kept the car cold. Cold temperatures were needed for keeping perishable goods like meat, milk, fruits and vegetables until they arrived to their destination. The N&W became a stock holder of the Fruit Growers Express company in 1920. In 1928 FGE organized the National Car Company to service primarily the meat industry, meat packing was a big industry in Cincinnati. N&W kept a FGE man at Clare Yard and Portsmouth Yard who was in charge of icing operations. By the 1950’s the iced refer cars were falling out of favor because of mechanical refrigeration and the trucking industry.
Location: Portsmouth, OH Date: 1/1/1925
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