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Classic Train In Snow! Cincinnati's Biggest Snowfall Since 2019, Pull Pull Train On CCET Railroad
Posted to facebook by Jawtooth on January 29, 2021. Comments from post.

Train running through the snow across private railroad crossings with classic locomotives at both ends of the short local switcher. These are the most awesome locomotives in the Cincinnati area. This is short line railroad Cincinnati Eastern Railroad CCET. Today they were delivering 2 loads of organic material that were unloaded on the mainline for Bzak Landscaping And Garden Center of Milford, Ohio. It took about 3 hours to unload each covered hopper. The material is emptied from the bottom of the cars and then a portable conveyor loads the material into a front loader. Then the material is put into piles until sold to a customer who gets it trucked in. I was told what the material was and I totally forgot. There are 2 locomotives on the train so that when they are done unloading the train can return and be pulled back by the switcher ( MP15DC ). The bigger unit is a B36-7. CCET does not have any U Boats. I mention that because I see comments all the time calling they U Boats. It was 23 degrees F and snowing lightly when I filmed this. Cincinnati area has not had much snow in the past few years. This 2 inch snow storm was the biggest single day of snow since December 15 of 2019. Up to this date, we average 11.3 inches of snow. So far we have only had 5.2 inches. Filmed January 28, 2021. Thanks for watching!
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Location: Roundbottom Road Date: 1/28/2021
Source: Jaw Tooth / Brian Gibson Collection (
Photo ID: 2319
Video Link: View Video!
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