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36 Car Mixed Freight On Short Line Railroad Cincinnati Eastern Railroad! I&O At Problem Crossing!
Video posted to facebook by Brian Gibson on May 16 2021. Description from youtube post.

One of the longest trains of the year so far for Americas favorite short line railroad! Also, we visit the level railway crossing that had problems during the record snow and ice. The first train is in Williamsburg, Ohio on the Cincinnati Eastern Railroad CCET. Look how long that train was and check out the awesome GE and EMD locomotives pulling it with a variety of freight cars. With all the business that this 7 year old railroad is getting, longer trains are not rare anymore. This one has 36 cars! The flat cars had been stored out near Peebles. I got a text message about this train heading westbound so I tried to catch it on my way back from filming the Indiana & Ohio Railway. I timed it perfectly and as soon as I got to Williamsburg I could hear the train horns. I had just enough time to figure out an interesting location. The second train is the short line railroad Indiana & Ohio Railway northbound in Mason, Ohio. The crossing in this video is on a busy highway and the crew walks the train safely across. That is an awesome sight seeing a GP 38-2 running long hood forward with a conductor leading the way! #2102 was built by EMD in December of 1979. The outro starts out with the slide show and then shows the ending of a softball game that Lillia played catcher in and her team barely won in an extra inning! In the final inning Lillia jacked the ball sky high in center field for a base hit and wound up scoring with a hit by another team mate. I wish I would have filmed that. I've been working with her and its starting to pay off. Her coaches were so excited at the end of the game because it was their first win of the season. I also show the dogs in the outro and yes, Chessie did climb up the tree by herself. Filmed May 14, 2021. Thanks for watching! Please thumbs up and watch another JawTooth video to help my channel.
Location: Peavine Date: 5/14/2021
Source: Jaw Tooth / Brian Gibson Collection (
Photo ID: 2519
Video Link: View Video!
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