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Last run to Peebles on Norfolk Southern's Cincinnati District
Brian Sellers posted this video to you tube on July 4, 2014. Description from post.

On April 24, 2014 Norfolk Southern train T51 made its last run to Peables Ohio from Sharonville on NS's Cincinnati District. Along the way they picked up every car and locomotive between Williamsburg and Peables as this section was being taken out of service. The portion from between Peables to Vera Jct (Portsmouth) has been railbanked for more than 10 years.

I caught up with T51 in Winchester as they tried to pick up NRE 162. The locomotive had been working a grain elevator there for several years. Unfortunately, the crew couldn't get the brakes to release so they left it in Winchester while a maintenance crew could look at it. The train continued east from Winchester and then dropped their cars in the siding at Mt Zion. The final shot shows the last cars being pulled from Stella Jones.

The crew tied the train down at Mt Zion that evening and returned the following day for their final trip west back to Sharon Yard in Sharonville, Ohio. They managed to pick up NRE 162 as a maintenance crew had resolved her brake issues.

Shortly after this video was taken, a new operator, Cincinnati East Terminal Railway (CCET) began a long term lease on the west end of the Cincinnati District. They now operate from Clare (MP 9) to near Williamsburg (MP 33.83) with Norfolk Southern having limited trackage rights.
Location: Peavine Date: 4/24/2014
Source: Brian Sellers
Photo ID: 2692
Video Link: View Video!
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