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Car Runs The Lights, Brand New Railroad Crossing Gates & Cool Boxcar @ Railroad Wye In Sardinia Ohio
Video posted to facebook by Brian Gibson on September 16, 2021. Description from youtube post.

Impatient driver goes past the flashing railroad crossing lights with the train coming. Also, brand new railroad crossing gates, lights, bells and crossing shanty were constructed for a busy railroad crossing. We see the railroad maintenance wye area with a rare boxcar sitting on the east leg of the wye. The railroad crossing parts are shown in detail and we see the dog and cat playing at the end just before the slide show. The train is pulled by 2 locomotives with a 3rd locomotive in the middle. Does that count as a DPU? Leave a comment below. Now for the video in detail: First we see the car cross Kline Road near Mount Orab in front of the train. The lights were flashing and the car stopped. Then when the train started blowing the horn the car went across the tracks. Apparently not a railfan. The next scene we see the other side of the train at the newly gated railroad crossing. This is the first time that I have seen the new crossing components. Previously it was only crossbuck protected. Then we see the train in downtown Sardinia, Ohio. We get to take a look at the wye area also. I get a lot of questions about where the other B36-7 is. You can see it sitting inside the wye on the maintenance track. There is a boxcar on the east leg of the wye that is from a small railroad in North Carolina. It is very interesting to see it here. After looking at the new crossing parts up close it is time for the puppy and kitten show. We decided to keep the kitten that someone dropped off. It gets along with all of the dogs and the kids love her. The video ends with the slide show. I put some slides in it of a concert that I went to on Saturday. Should I post the concert video or not? It only has a couple of Bon Jovi songs in it. The trains in this video were filmed on Monday, September 20, 2021.

One other thing. I get the following question a lot. What is the ticking sound that the locomotives make? Answer: The sound you hear is the moisture being blown out. The more humid it is, or the more loosely the valve is set, the more frequently it will blow out, which when happening rapidly makes a clicking sound. Blowing out the moisture helps prevent damage.

If you like the Cincinnati Eastern Railroad ( CCET ) and would like to see more of them, you are in luck son! I started a FaceBook group dedicated to this railroad that is called Cincinnati Eastern Railroad Fans. Here is a link to my FaceBook group that I started for it called Cincinnati Eastern Railroad Fans! Check it out and join today! Other than my JawTooth page it is about the only place that you will find me on Facebook. I post pictures on there of CCET, answer any questions and a lot of other members also post things about CCET to that group. Like all of my accounts it is family friendly with no controversy.

CCET trains operate on 160.860 and rarely ever use an EOT. Trains normally operate Monday through Friday during regular business hours although they can operate any time that a customer needs a switch. CCET leases 69+ route miles of track from Norfolk Southern and has miles of sidings and storage tracks.

Thanks for watching!

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Location: Peavine Date: 9/20/2021
Source: Jaw Tooth / Brian Gibson Collection (
Photo ID: 2704
Video Link: View Video!
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