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Kid Runs From Train! Jeep Driver Gets Mad At RR Crossing! Railway Switching & Long Short Line Train
Video posted to fb by Jaw Tooth on February 19, 2022. Description from youtube post.

Get off the tracks kid! Extra long train on Americas Favorite Short Line Railroad! Jeep Turns Around at Railroad Crossing and Roars by me! After some railroad switching at Afton yard the Cincinnati Eastern Railroad CCET train had 3 locomotives and 43 cars, including a locomotive on the rear of the train that looks like a DPU shoving up Williamsburg Grade. 1st we see the train in Mount Orab, Ohio crossing Eastwood Rd with a dozen cars and 3 locomotives. Then we see the train passing through downtown Williamsburg, Ohio where a kid chases after the train. The train has a locomotive on the rear and the still pics look like the kid is running from the train. Well, he is running from the train but the train is going in the opposite direction. Lolz. Next we see some railroad switching at Afton Yard in Afton Ohio where more cars are added to the train. While they were adding cars a jeep driver got upset, turned around and flew past me in notch 8. Not a Railfan. Lol. So we then get to see the train cross Half Acre Road in Afton and next we get to see the other side of the train as they cross a huge old railroad bridge which I will refer to as a trestle. The huge trestle is in Batavia, Ohio and crosses the East Fork Of The Little Miami River. This railroad line is now a dead end branch line. It is an old Norfolk & Western Railway line that is owned by Norfolk Southern Railroad and leased to CCET. Filmed February 16, 2022.

Thanks for watching! If you have time, please watch another video of mine to help keep my channel going. Every view helps support my channel. Viewing time helps pay for gas, motels, rental cars etc. I have a list of places that I plan on filming so watch another video of mine if you have the time.
Location: Peavine Date: 2/16/2022
Source: Jaw Tooth / Brian Gibson Collection (
Photo ID: 2745
Video Link: View Video!
Categories: East Fork River (Batavia) |  Half Acre Road Crossing |  Williamsburg Box and Partition |  North Front Street Crossing |  Eastwood Road Crossing | 
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