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Loaded Rock Train Makes Run For The Hill! Cincinnati Eastern Railroad, Birds Attack Cat, Ohio Train
Video posted to fb group by Jaw Tooth on June 16, 2022. Description from You Tube post.

Heavy Rock Train Attacks The Hill! Biggest Rock Train Ever On Cincinnati Eastern Railroad! Listen to the train throttle up to make the grade and give plenty of train horn for the level railroad crossings. This train is in Williamsburg, Ohio on the Norfolk Southern/CCET Peavine Line. The rock train runs from Hanson Quarry in Plum Run, Ohio to the load out site in Milford, Ohio. It rained the night before and put some rust on the rails. We see the rails before and after the heavy train. The lead unit is an EMD GP15-1 and the second unit is an EMD SD40-2. The hopper cars used to haul the road are CCET hoppers that never leave the Peavine Line. We also see the cat getting dive bombed by barn swallows while she was relaxing on the driveway next to the barn. Norfie didn't know what to think about that. She went in the barn and the birds attacked her because they have nests in there. The storm video was made by Lillia. I took her to her softball game in Georgetown, Ohio. A huge storm showed up in the second inning so the game was called. Her team was winning 6 to 1 and this was a reschedule of a game that had been cancelled due to rain. It will not be made up this time though. Right after I left Georgetown, it started raining very hard, got very windy and then it was hailing. It got so bad that I could barely see the road and I was looking for somewhere to pull over due to the wind moving the truck. There was nothing but soybean fields in the flat area between Hamersville and Mt Orab so I kept going. Lillia filmed part of the bad stuff and she filmed me driving across the railroad in Mt Orab.

This train video was filmed June 14, 2022 and Lillia filmed the storm the day before.

Don't forget about Chessie and Norfie at the end of the video and please leave a comment!

Thanks for watching! If you have time, please watch another video of mine to help keep my channel going. Every view helps support my channel. Viewing time helps pay for gas, motels, rental cars etc. I have a list of places that I plan on filming so watch another video of mine if you have the time.
Location: Williamsburg, OH Date: 6/16/2022
Source: Jaw Tooth / Brian Gibson Collection (
Photo ID: 2755
Video Link: View Video!
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