15 EMD NW2 Broadway Limited This is the first engine painted in Western Ohio colors, and in the story of the WO, is the oldest remaining active engine in the fleet. The engine was originally painted when the Western Ohio was using a maroon and yellow scheme. The "Half O" scheme, along with the color switch to yellow and black was a few years off.

Because of the age of the engine, and the fact it is in it's original paint scheme, the engine is showing a lot of wear. The lettering and numbers are difficult to read, and the maroon paint that covers the body is dirty and peeling. But 15 is a work horse, diligently doing its duty in Marien Yard on the Marien Industrial District, and evenually in either Clare Yard or the Hillsboro Branch on the eventual Peavine division.

110 EMD GP15-1 Athearn Engine 110 is the first engine painted in the Western Ohio's yellow and black "Half O" scheme. The earliest versions of this scheme featured the Western Ohio logo with just the WO initials. So 110 is another unit which has had its paint scheme for quite a while and is showing its age.

On the Marien Industrial District, 110 was the road engine that serviced the industries around town. Looking forward, it is part of a planned consist assigned to a daily mainfest freight.

120 EMD GP38-2 Athearn Engine 120 is an ex-Southern Pacific engine, and carries some of the distinctive details of an SP locomotive. 120 will carrie the modern and current Western Ohio paint scheme, and is scheduled to be in a consist with another GP38-2 number 125. 120 and 125 as scheduled to be the power on the daily Sardinia Turn out of Clare. This will be the feature train on the Peavine Division when it is complete.

125 EMD GP38-2 Athearn Engine 125 is a sister engine to number 120. They were part of a group of engines purchased by the Western Ohio from the Southern Pacific. 125 will eventually be paired with 120 on the dialy Sardinia Turn.
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