Austin Keye Sock Factory Marien, OH
(Portsmouth Staging)
Freelanced LOW BX - Empty BX - Socks
Austin Keye is a play on words... as in "A Stinky Sock" factory. It may be weak, but it is original. This was the original industry in Marien where Miss Terri Meats is. So I put it back in Marien when Miss Terri moved home to Hillsboro.

Batavia Transmission Afton Proto HIGH BX - Transmission Parts or Empty BX - Transmissions
GN - Steel Scrap
Batavia Transmission was the name of the Ford owned and operated transmission plant in Afton. It was one of, if not the leading source of rail traffic in the 80s and 90s on the Peavine. The plant closed in 2008. The facility is now Huhtamaki, but on this layout it continues to operate as Batavia Transmission in support of the auto industry, which the Western Ohio depends heavily on.

BWay Corporation Ancor Proto MEDIUM GN - Rolled Aluminun or Empty
BX - Empty
BX - Alluminum Cans
GN - Aluminum Scrap or Empty
Originally the Heekan Can Company, a family owned business, BWay manufactures a variety of aluminum cans for personal and industrial use.

Buckeye Mills Hillsboro Freelanced HIGH BX - Empty
CH - Grain
BX - Cereal
CH - Empty
One of the anchor industries for the modeled Peavine, this industry generates more rail traffic than any other. It keeps the Hillsboro Branch busy with daily service. The grain elevator receives multiple covered hoppers each day, while the shipping dock sends out loads of cereal.

Bulkmatic Lunken
(Sharon Stagine)
Proto MEDIUM TC - Chemicals
TC - Chemicals, Powders, Pellets
TC - Empty
CH - Empty
Bulkmatic is the name of the bulk transfer company that exist at the old Clare site. Had to move them out for this layout. But the industry generates a lot of traffic, so I just moved them west to Lunken. This site is not modeled and traffic is moved to Lunken by the CCET.

Cincinnati Barge and Rail Terminal Eastern Avenue
(Sharon Stagine)
Proto MEDIUM GN - Empty GN - Environmental Debris, Coiled Steel
Cincinnati Barge and Rail Terminal is located at the east end of downtown Cincinnati. They transfer large loads to and from river barge to railcar. Generally large, bulk loads, the industry fills several gondolas every week, and keeps that portion of the old PRR line into downtown Cincinnati alive.

Cincinnati Chemicals Batavia Proto LOW TC - Chemicals TC - Empty
Cincinnati Chemical is a real industry along mainstreat in Batavia. It sits along side a spur track and could have rail service. Has it ever had rail service, I honestly do not know. I've never seen a car on that siding in thirty years. But for this layout, they are receiving rail traffic.

Cincinnati Milicron Afton Proto MEDIUM BX - Supplies and Equipment
GN - Empty or Large Equipment
BX - Empty
GN - Large Milling Equipment
Cincinnati Milicron is a staple industry in Cincinnati, and is (or was) rail served in Afton. Go into any heavy manufacturing facility, and you are likely to fine Cincinnati Milicron equipment. The large finished machines are packaged in crates and shipped by gondola on this layout.

Cincinnati Steel Afton Proto LOW GN - Empty or Rolled Steel GN - Empty or Steel Scrap or Roller Coaster Section
Clermont Steel is a real industry in Afton. The siding is at the very top of Batavia hill, and wraps around the back of the facility. This is another industry that could receive rail service, but I have never witnessed it. What is fun about this industry is that in recent years, they appear to make roller coaster sections. Which certainly makes for an interesting load. Click Here for the evidence.

Evans Landscaping Ancor Proto LOW GN - Environmental Debris
BX - Empty
GN - Emtpy
BX - Bagged Mulch
Evans Landscaping has a spur at Ancor. The spur is actually used by the CCET as a service track. Another industry that I cannot confirm actually receives rail traffic, but the spur itself is relatively new (I know, I use to park down there with gfs... there was no siding).

Georgia Pacific Afton Proto MEDIUM BX - Building Supplies
FC - Lumber
BX - Emtpy
FC - Empty
The Georgia Pacific plant at Afton builds truss framing for local construction. Supplies are brought in by rail, and shipped to local construction sites by truck. This was at one time a rail served location on the real Peavine.

Hendrixson Distribution Loveland
(Loveland Staging)
Friendustry LOW BX - Beer BX - Emtpy
A tribute to a friend of mine who works for a local Budwieser distributor, on this layout he has his own business. Fresh Budwieser is delivered by rail and distributed to local retailers for sale.

Hillsboro Grain Hillsboro Freelanced MEDIUM CH - Empty CH - Grain
Technically a freelanced industry, but I believe there was a grain elevator in Hillsboro. Several grain elevators are added to the layout to increase grain traffic.

Huhtamaki Lunken
Sharon Staging
Proto MEDIUM BX - Empty BX - Packaging
Huhtamaki currently occupies the old Batavia Transmission plant, and is the leading source of traffic for the CCET. Because I wanted to keep Batavia Transmission in Afton, Huhtamaki has been moved to Lunken on this layout. Ironically, it is still serviced by the CCET, which operates between Loveland and Eastern Avenue.

Kibler Lumber Mt. Oreb Proto LOW FC - Lumber FC - Empty
Kibler is a favorite small industry on the real Peavine. Located east of Mt. Oreb, the received lumber loads from the NS. That remains true on the layout, with the occasional bulkhead flat being dropped off for unloading.

Kinder-Morgan Energy Lunken Proto MEDIUM TC - Fuel TC - Empty
I learned about Kinder Morgan when a tank car destined for there caught fire many years ago. Seems company and the railroad had lost track of it. Hmmm. But it is a real industry that does receive rail service, and keeps the old PRR line alive.

Knott-Fitfurr Animal Feed Co Marien
(Portsmouth Staging)
Freelanced LOW TC - Blood or Lard TC - Empty
Knott-Fitfurr is a play on words, as in "not fit for animals". It is inspired by my years working in the meat packing industry, where blood was used to make fertilzer and lard was used in feed products. This plant receives those by-products from the Morrell Meats plant.

Landmark Grain, Batavia Batavia Freelanced MEDIUM CH - Empty CH - Grain
One of several grain elevators added to the layout for operational purposes, this grain elevator shares the siding with Cincinanti Chemicals.

Landmark Grain, Mt. Oreb Mt. Oreb Freelanced MEDIUM CH - Empty CH - Grain
There is a fair bit of cheating (I prefer artistic license) on the layout, but this may be the worst. Mt. Oreb Grain and Williamsburg Grain are the same elevator. The siding is double ended. Switched from the east end, you are switching Mt. Oreb Grain.

Landmark Grain, Williamsburg Mt. Oreb Freelanced MEDIUM CH - Empty CH - Grain
There is a fair bit of cheating (I prefer artistic license) on the layout, but this may be the worst. Mt. Oreb Grain and Williamsburg Grain are the same elevator. The siding is double ended. Switched from the west end, you are switching Williamsburg Grain.

Lorenzo Piano Williamsburg Friendustry LOW BX - Supplies BX - Finished Pianos
Lorenzo Piano is a tribute to a friend who is a talented piano player. The building Lorenzo Piano occupies was originally Williamsburg Box and Partition. That industry was rail served, but stop taking rail traffic long before my time.

Lynch Pins Loveland
Loveland Staging
Friendustry LOW BX - Supplies BX - Bowling Pins
The industry name is in reference to a friend. The bowling pin reference is because I like to bowl. The industry is located off the layout, and cars are stored in Loveland staging and moved by the CCET.

Lunken Aggregate Lunken
Sharon Staging
Proto MEDIUM HP - Empty HP - Gravel
I don't know the actual industry name, but for several years truck loads of gravel have been delivered to the old yard at Lunken and loaded to hopper cars. This is another industry that helps keep the old PRR line alive.

Miss Terri Meats Hillsboro Friendustry MEDIUM RF - Meat Scraps RF - Sausage and Lunch Meats
This is both a friendustry named after a friend of mine, and a common play on words. Most people have heard of hot dogs and bologna having "mystery meat". Hence the name. But this industry is also spawned from my time in meat packing. The slaughter and cut process of meat packing yields a lot of trim that goes into sausage. Companies specialize in processing the trimmings into high quality products.

Morrell Meats Fairfax Freelanced HIGH RF - Empty
TC - Empty
BX - Packaging or Spices/Ingredients
RF - Meat Scraps, Bellies, Hams, Finished Goods
TC - Blood or Lard
BX - Empty
Meat Packing provides a wide variety of operational opportunities. And Cincinnati was known as "Porkopolis" because of the number of meat packing companies in town. So it is a perfect fit for the layout. The layout is heavily inspired by my time with John Morrell and Co. and the many weeks working at the plant in Sioux Falls, SD.

Mowrystown Grain Mowrystown Proto MEDIUM CH - Empty CH - Grain
This grain elevator did exist and was the last part of the Hillsboro branch to survive. In the layout recreation, it will continue to receive rail service.

Ohio Valley Lumber Marien
Portsmouth Staging
Freelanced MEDIUM FC - Loaded FC - Empty
This is a freelanced industry that was originally on the Marien Industrial District layout. While I'm not modeling Marien on this layout, the industries can still be used to generate rail traffic.

Premier Plastics Marien
Portsmouth Staging
Freelanced MEDIUM CH - Plastic Pellets CH - Empty
This is a freelanced industry that was originally on the Marien Industrial District layout. While I'm not modeling Marien on this layout, the industries can still be used to generate rail traffic.

Queen City Auto Transfer Clare Freelanced MEDIUM AR - Automobiles AR - Empty
The auto industry is critical to the Western Ohio's success. Part of that is moving completed automobiles to regional transfer terminals. The daily auto rack train will stop at Clare to exchange cars for Queen City Auto Transfer.

Sardinia Grain Sardinia Proto MEDIUM CH - Empty CH - Grain
The west end of Sardinia was once home to a grain complex. Much to my suprise, when I went out to photograph it a couple years ago, it is gone. But it use to be a source of grain traffic for the real Peavine, and on the layout it will continue to be.

Senco Ancor Proto MEDIUM BX - Empty BX - Finished Fastening Devices
Senco manufactures commercial, industrial and residential fastening tools. The real facility does have a siding, but it is not just week grown... it is tree grown. But not on the model. In HO Scale, Senco is a regular rail customer.

Trinity Collins Mt. Oreb Proto LOW GN - Aluminum Rolls or Wheels GN - Aluminum Scrap or Empty
HP - New Cars
Trinity is one of the cool industries to model. The manufactured aluminum hoppers, and I was many of the new cars roll out of that facility in the 80s and 90s. Trinity closed somewhere along the way. In this version of history, a local businessman stepped in and took partial ownership. So this is also a Friendustry too.

Verdin Bell Eastern Avenue
Sharon Staging
Proto LOW BX - Empty BX - Bell
Verdin Bell is a Cincinnati company that make large bells (like Liberty Bell size). They sit along the old PRR line, but are not rail served in real life. But the bells are just too cool not to be an industry served by the railroad.

PROTO-Based on real industry
FREELANCE-Fictional industry
FRIENDUSTRY-Industry tribute to a personal friend.
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