Week Team Points
1 Prestige Worldwide 150.4
2 Prestige Worldwide 148.5
3 Prestige Worldwide 137.8
4 Digital Scammers 142.4
5 GG 130.2
6 Cincinnati Eagles 109.8
7 Rimskis Raiders 133.8
8 Cincinnati Eagles 150.7
9 Steel City FooBall 148.7
10 Willow Run Flyers 134.1
11 Willow Run Flyers 153.1
12 Rimskis Raiders 118.4
13 Willow Run Flyers 123.2
14 Digital Blitz 114.8
Rank Team  
1 Rimski Raiders
2 Ohio State Buckeyes
3 Prestige Worldwide
4 Willow Run Flyers
5 GG
6 Steel City FooBall
7 Digital Scammers
8 Digital Blitz
9 Florida Seabreeze
10 Cincinnati Eagles
11 Old England Patriots
12 Grande Fantasmas
Digital Scammers
Willow Run Flyers
Cincinnati Eagles
Digital Blitz
R-UP Prestige Worldwide
Ohio State Buckeyes
CHAMP Rimski Raiders
Old England Patriots
Grande Fantasmas
Steel City FooBall
Florida Seabreeze
The big story of the football weekend was the medical emergency on Monday Night that postponed the Bengals Bills game. For fantasy football, it disrupted playoff games and super bowls all of the place. While several of you probably had your bowl game disrupted, Brilliant Bowl VII was already decided and in the books by the end of Sunday. So there is no lingering effect for us.

Brilliant Bowl VII was a shootout. Rimskis Raiders scored 118 points, more than enough to win most games, and weren’t even close. The Digital Scammers saved their best game of the season for their last game of the season. The Scammers had a 142 point showing early in the season, but in Brilliant Bowl VII beat the Raiders 147-118.

The key to the Scammers success was everyone scored. Scored a lot. Nobody had less than 6. Six of the nine starters were in double digits. Mike Evans was the game MVP with 38 at the wide receiver position. Austin Ekeler added 28. The Scammers could have scored even more, considering quarterback Kirk Cousins had a rather pedestrian 17 points.

It is a disappointing end for Rimskis Raiders. Second in their division to the hot team in the regular season, only to run into the hot team in the playoffs and finish second again. Patrick Mahomes was his usual great self with 35. And Amari Cooper had 22. But the Scammer onslaught was too much to overcome.

The Scammers become the first team to win two Brilliant Manufacturing League Championships. A parade was held Tuesday morning around 12:47 AM ET on Nuemann Way, and only lasted five minutes. But I assure you I idled down the road honking my horn wildly until security rolled up on me and performed a sobriety test. Turns out flashing your badge and saying “Do you know who I am?” doesn’t work with hired security guards either.

It appears the web site wiped out any stats from Monday Nights game. The game was only a few minute into the first quarter. There weren’t a lot of stats, but there was a touchdown and a field goal. The following results are based on what is in the system Tuesday night. There is a chance the stats will be reapplied. There is a chance the game gets played and the stats included. Since it only effects bowl games that don’t really count, I’m not going to worry about it.

MONICA LEWINSKI Close But That’s No Cigar BOWL
This game was not effected Monday night. And its GG smokin’ the victory cigar with Monica after an 88-82 victory over SeaBreeze. DeShaun Watson felt his way around the defense to lead all scorers with 27. But with Derrick Henry out, GG stormed back to take the win.

This game was totally up in the air on Monday night. Six players were playing. Including Joe Burrow for the Flyers, who trailed the Eagles. As it stands now, the Eagles get an 89-55 win. Tom Brady shot his age, or at least got close. 43 points from the goat. If he gets sued for the FTX collapse, he may have to play another ten years to pay off his debts.

The only thing that would have happened here was FooBall piling on. Having already clinched the win, Joe Mixon was set to add insult to injury. FooBall wins 94-77.

Technically this game was undecided. Realistically the Patriots had long secured their victory over Fantasmas. The final will go in the books at 97-66, and it truly could have been much worse with the Patriots not getting points from Josh Allen.

Still angry about missing the playoffs, Blitz took out their frustration on Prestige Worldwide. These teams exhausted both of their rosters on Sunday, so this one is official. Blitz wins, 130-85.

I will get prize money out this weekend.
* Scammers won $35 for league champion.
* Raiders won $10 for Team of the Year, and has a $10 credit… so the league owes the Raiders $20.
* GG won $25 for a division championship, but owes $10 entry fee. League owes GG $15.
* Prestige Worldwide won $25 for a division championship, but owes $10 entry fee. League owes Prestige $15.
* Willow Run Flyers won $25 for a division champion.
* Ohio State Buckeyes owe league $10 entry fee.

This will be the last article of the season. Another very enjoyable season, I certainly did not expect to win the title. Hope you all enjoyed the season too and you can look for your invite back around August 1, 2023.
Article ID: 128
Updated January 9, 2023
Team Entry Fee Amt Paid Owner Owes Winnings
(Lg Owes)
GG $10 $10 $15 Div Champ = $25. $10 deducted for 2020 entry fee. Lg owes 15
Ohio State Buckeyes $10 $0 10 $0 *** Buckeyes owe 2022 Entry Fee of $10 to League ***
Prestige Worldwide $10 $0 $0 [1/9/23] League and Prestige are all square.
Digital Blitz $10 $0 $0 [1/9/23] League and Blitz are all square.
Steel City FooBall $10 $0 $0 [1/9/23] League and FooBall are all square.
Grande Fantasmas $10 $0 $0 [1/9/23] League and Fantasmas are all square.
Willow Run Flyers $10 $10 $25 Div Champ = $25
2022 Entry Fee Paid, 2021 Prize Money
Old England Patriots $10 $0 $0 [1/9/23] League and Patriots are all square.
Rimski Raiders $10 $20 $0 [9/7/22] $10 paid via paypal. Overpayment. Has $10 credit
[6/1/22]2022 entry fee paid during golf season
Florida Seabreeze $10 $10 $0 [1/9/23] League and Breeze are all square.
Cincinnati Eagles $10 $10 $0 [1/9/23] League and Eagles are all square.
Digital Scammers $10 $10 $0 [1/9/23] League and Scammers are all square.
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