Week Team Points
1 GG 127.2
2 Ohio State Buckeyes 137.1
3 Steel City FooBall 121.4
4 Steel City FooBall 147.8
5 Prestige Worldwide 196.9
6 Ohio State Buckeyes 138.1
7 Prestige Worldwide 127.8
8 Prestige Worldwide 114.4
9 Grande Fantasmas 110.8
10 Willow Run Flyers 119.4
11 Prestige Worldwide 144.6
12 GG 137.4
13 Cincinnati Eagles 136
14 Prestige Worldwide 143.6

Rank Team  
1 Prestige Worldwide
2 Steel City FooBall
3 Cincinnati Eagles
4 GG
5 Willow Run Flyers
6 Rimski Raiders
7 Digital Blitz
8 Digital Scammers
9 Ohio State Buckeyes
10 Grande Fantasmas
11 Old England Patriots
12 Junkyard Dawgs

Digital Scammers
Willow Run Flyers
Cincinnati Eagles
Digital Blitz
R-UP Prestige Worldwide
Ohio State Buckeyes
Rimski Raiders
Old England Patriots
Grande Fantasmas
CHAMP Steel City FooBall
Junkyard Dawgs
Brilliant Bowl VI went to the Willow Run Flyers in a very decisive 151-83 victory over Steel City FooBall. It is the first league championship for the Willow Run Flyers.

The Flyers won nearly every position group. QB Joe Burrow was Brilliant Bowl VI MVP with 42 points. What an impressive two weeks he’s had in the playoffs. The Flyers got 38 from both the running backs and wide receivers respectively, dominating FooBall at those positions. Defense and special teams went to the Flyers as well. The only positions FooBall outscored the Flyers in was tight end and flex, and the tight end difference was just half a point.

Besides Burrows 42, DK Metcalf had 24 and Devin Singletary had 23. Three other players were in double digits. The 151 points scored by the Flyers shattered the previous championship game record points of 133.

The defeat is the second in the championship game for FooBall. They also lost at the end of the 2018 season. They join Prestige Worldwide as two time league runner up.

CONGRATULATIONS DARA PERRY and the Willow Run Flyers, 2021 Brilliant Manufacturing League Champion

I know every other owner was on the edge of their seat waiting to see how they did in their bowl game. Just like in college games, looks like some players sat this out as some teams have not updated their line up in week (myself included). Regardless, here are the bowl game results…

The Monica Lewinski Close But That’s No Cigar Bowl - Well, someone was still taking it serious. Prestige Worldwide, who by the way has finished second, second and third the last three years, beat the Ohio State Buckeyes 179-92. That’s not a typo. That is One Hundred Seventy Nine Points for Prestige. Flyers, you should thank FooBall for taking Prestige out last week.

The Nuts and Bolts Bowl Sponsored By Home Depot - GG closes out there season with a bowl victory over the Rimski Raiders 104-80. As this bowl name implies, no money for either of these teams, despite both finishing with winning records.

The Better Luck Next Year Bowl - These two teams absolutely lived up to their bowl expectations. The Old England Patriots scored 67. AND WON BY ELEVEN, putting Junkyard Dawgs out of their misery.

Vincent Van Gogh Damn These Masks Bowl - The Cincinnati Eagles won more games than any other team this year. They were the only team to win double digit games. And they finish their season beating the Scammers 117-65.

The Slim Pickens Bowl - Grande Fantasmas ends their campaign with a 79-46 victory over Digital Blitz.

With our $10 entry fee, we have a total prize fund of $120 that I now have to come up with since I didn’t win. Four owners will pocket a pretty even split of the prize money this year. League champion Willow Run Flyers will get $35. Division winner and Team of the Year Prestige Worldwide will also get $35. The other two division winners, Steel City FooBall and Cincinanti Eagles will each get $25.

I’ll get prize money distributed this week.

This closes out another fantasy season. I’m not doing an All Star game this year, so there is no need for a final update. I sincerely thank you all for your participation and hope you enjoyed the league. You are welcome to propose rule change ideas during the off season by emailing me. And you can look forward to invites to next year’s season around the start of August.
Article ID: 72
Team Entry Fee Amt Paid Winnings Comments
GG 0 0 0 2021 account closed
Ohio State Buckeyes 0 0 0 2021 account closed
Prestige Worldwide 0 0 0 2021 Prize Money Paid via Pay Pal (1/8/22). 2021 account closed
Digital Blitz 0 0 0 2021 account closed
Steel City FooBall 0 0 0 2021 Prize Money Paid via Pay Pal (1/8/22). 2021 account closed
Grande Fantasmas 0 0 0 2021 account closed
Willow Run Flyers 0 10 0 2021 Prize Money paid by check ($25). $10 credited to 2022 Entry Fee. 2021 account closed.
Old England Patriots 0 0 0 2021 account closed
Rimski Raiders 0 0 0 2021 account closed
Junkyard Dawgs 0 0 0 2021 account closed
Cincinnati Eagles 0 0 0 2021 Prize Money Paid via Venmo (1/8/22). 2021 account closed
Digital Scammers 0 0 0 2021 account closed
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