Week Team Points
1 I Got Boom 126.8
2 I Got Boom 152.8
3 Lamar You Serious 132.5
4 Kentucky Moondogs 149.1
5 I Got Boom 130.1
6 I Got Boom 127.6
7 Milford Marauders 119.4
8 Lamar You Serious 153
9 Oky Ducks 175
10 Lamar You Serious 127.2
11 El Diablo 161.9
12 Scammers 126.9
13 Milford Marauders 141.9
14 Multiple Scoregasms 104.9
Rank Team  
1 Milford Marauders
2 Warriors
3 Oky Ducks
4 I Got Boom
5 El Diablo
6 Multiple Scoregasms
7 Flippin Birds
8 Lamar You Serious
9 Scammers
10 Kentucky Moondogs
11 Swamp Monsters
12 Dans Destroyers
El Diablo
CHAMP Milford Marauders
Dans Destroyers
Kentucky Moondogs
Swamp Monsters
R-UP Oky Ducks
Flippin Birds
Multiple Scoregasms
I Got Boom
Lamar You Serious
This is not how we wanted it to end. Monday night was setting up as a great night of football. Both kinds. NFL and fantasy.

Even I know better than to crack jokes about the injury suffered by Bills defender Damar Hamlin. And I have no interested in cracking jokes about how it changed the outcome of our championship game.

Before I talk about the game, I think I need to explain where I settled on the situation. This is not only for this game but for any future instance where a game is cancelled prior to its completion. If a team or teams fail to complete their game for any reason in a given week on the schedule, we’ll use the stats as they are reported by the fantasy service we are using. This does leave the risk if the game is made up at a later date, that the service will update the stats. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. But for now, the intent is to consider the game final, the Bengals and Bill essentially had an unscheduled bye weeks and the players for those teams earned 0 points. Note: as I am writing the article, I see ESPN has put the fantasy points from the partial game back in.

There is no way to make a ruling on this without knowing who will win the championship as a result. I don’t like that one bit. But as a result of the cancellation of the Bills Bengals game Monday night, Multiple Scoregasms are the 2022 TFFL League Champion.

The final score ended up being Scoregasms 74, I Got Boom 69. Gardner Minshew was the leading scorer in the game for Scoregasms with 16. Hardly a great performance for a quarterback. He was nearly matched by RB Tyler Allgeier and WR AJ Brown. Those two posted totals of 15 points each, and the three of them built what looked to be a decent lead at the end of Sunday afternoon games.

Sunday night, Najee Harris turned in a solid performance for the Steelers and for I Got Boom. But the capper was the TD pass he received with under a minute to play. That gave him a total of 18 points, which turns out to be Tailgater Bowl XXIV MVP worthy. And it closed the margin to just a few points. When I checked scores Monday morning, the projected totals for the two teams were a mere .2 points different.

But obviously the story of this game is the injury, the cancellation of the game and the four players who didn’t get to post a full games worth of fantasy numbers. Boom was definitely the victim here. Boom had Josh Allen playing Monday night. Allen is more than capable of putting up big numbers in any game. Boom also had the Bills defense. Hard to tell what that would have netted them.

Scoregasms had Jamar Chase and Evan McPherson playing. McPherson had the only point, the extra point on the first drive. It would have been fun to watch if they could have kept pace with Allen.

My apologies (not sure that is the right word) to I Got Boom. You deserved a better opportunity. Congratulations to Multiple Scoregasms on your first league title.

Of course the prestigious bowl games were impacted too. But since they don’t count, I’m not going to cry a lot over this little bit of spilt milk.

Monica Lewinski Close But That’s No Cigar Bowl
In the Monica Lewinsky Close But That’s No Cigar Bowl, It’s the Milford Marauders with their lips wrapped around a big, thick, dark brown mouthful of tastiness. They took this bowl game way too serious, scoring 135 points. The Warriors didn’t exactly back off, but only scored 95.

Hall of Fame Game
El Diablo was seeming staging a protest or something. He scored 25. That total wouldn’t have won many games when we were a touchdown only league. The Ducks scored 66, but that nearly tripled Diablos total. In El Diablos defense, he had four players playing Monday night. And the Ducks had two.

Nuts and Bolts Bowl
A good game actually. Lamar You Serious didn’t realize these games don’t count in this league and came out guns a blazin. Serious beat the Scammers 108-105.

The Queen’s Cup
I think this bowl is here to stay. I’ll just have to figure out an angle for it. The Destroyers narrowly beat the Flippin Birds 65-62.

Slim Pickens Bowl
Guys, it only a bowl game. Rest some players for Pete sake. The Kentucky Moondogs beat the Great Dismal Swamp Monsters in a 129-121 battle to the death.

I will get prize money out over the weekend. Below is a summary of money matters.
* El Diablo wins $5 for 1 TOW.
* Scammers win $5 for 1 TOW.
* Oky Ducks won $100 for winning the division, $5 for 1 TOW. League owed Ducks $45 previously. League now owes Ducks a whopping $150. (Can I offer you my first born instead?).
* Multiple Scoregasms won $100 for winning the division and $200 for winning the league championship. League owed $15 previously. League now owes Scoregasms $315 (this isn’t getting any better).
* Flippin Birds won $100 for winning the division.
* Kentucky Moondogs won $5 for 1 TOW.
* Milford Marauders won $10 for 2 TOWs.
* Lamar You Serios won $15 for 3 TOWs
* I Got Boom won $20 for two TOWs and $30 for Runner Up. Boom owes league $50 for entry fee. We’re even.

As always, I love having you guys in the league. I truly hope you enjoy playing in the league as much as I enjoy running it. You can look for invites for 2023 around August 1 next year.

This is the last article of the season. Any other communication will be related to money.
Article ID: 129
Updated January 9, 2023
Team Entry Fee Amt Paid Owner Owes Winnings
(Lg Owes)
El Diablo $50 $5 45 $0 [1/9/23] 2022 winnings credited to 2023 entry fee. $5.
Dans Destroyers $50 $0 50 $0 [1/9/23] League and Destroyers are all square.
Scammers $50 $0 50 $0 [1/9/23] League and Scammers are all square.
Oky Ducks $50 $50 $150 [12/13/22]TOWx1 =$5 + Div Champ = $100
[1/14/22] 2021 winnings 110, 2022 entry fee paid from 2021 winnings (-50), BB pool entry paid (-15), League owes Mark 45
Mark won $70 in BBC basketball pool. League Owes Mark $115
Multiple Scoregasms $50 $50 0 $265 [1/9/23] 2022 winning = $315. $50 deducted for 2023 entry fee. Lg owes $265.
Flippin Birds $50 $50 $100 [12/13/22]Div Champ = $100
[9/2/22] $50 paid via paypal
[1/8/22] Prize Money ($40) paid via PayPal
Kentucky Moondogs $50 $5 45 $0 [1/9/23] 2022 winnings credited to 2023 entry fee. $5.
Milford Marauders $50 $50 0 $0 [1/9/23] Dude PREPAID at golf on Jan 2! Y'all could learn a thing or two from Mr. King!
Swamp Monsters $50 $0 $0 [1/9/23] League and Swamp Monsters are all square.
Warriors $50 $50 $0 [1/9/23] League and Warriors are all square.
Lamar You Serious $50 $15 35 $0 [1/9/23] 2022 winnings credited to 2023 entry fee. $15
I Got Boom $50 $50 $0 [1/9/23] League and Boom are all square.
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