Week Team Points
1 Scammers 141.6
2 Flippin Birds 155.4
3 Warriors 139.9
4 Scammers 127.1
5 Kentucky Moondogs 163.4
6 Oky Ducks 153.4
7 Warriors 140.3
8 Marshall Law 122.1
9 Dans Destroyers 125.5
10 Warriors 122.7
11 Flippin Birds 145.8
12 Oky Ducks 132.5
13 Great Dismal Swamp Monsters 142.8
14 Sea Breeze 137.4

Rank Team  
1 Oky Ducks
2 Warriors
3 Scammers
4 Milford Marauders
5 Great Dismal Swamp Monsters
6 Flippin Birds
7 Kentucky Moondogs
8 Multiple Scoregasms
9 Dans Destroyers
10 I Got Boom
11 Sea Breeze
12 Marshall Law

Marshall Law
Milford Marauders
Dans Destroyers
Kentucky Moondogs
Great Dismal Swamp Monsters
R-UP Scammers
Oky Ducks
CHAMP Flippin Birds
Multiple Scoregasms
Sea Breeze
I Got Boom
This felt a little inevitable. The month prior to Tailgater Bowl XXIII, the Warriors have not scored under 120 points in a game. Not since they laid a 78 point egg against the Oky Ducks in the game of the season. A slight hiccup against the Marauders in a week fourteen shootout was the only cause for concern closing the regular season.

Of course it helps when you have two players score forty points. As Joe Burrow played pitch and catch with Jamar Chase, the Warrors rang up points like a Las Vegas slot machine. Burrow had 42. Chase at 44 and earned Tailgater Bowl MVP honors. Three other Warriors scored in double digits, making the outcome pretty academic.

To the Flippin Birds credit, they did not have a bad game. Despite losing 153-106, the 106 points scored was around the team average for the season. But average just wasn’t going to cut it this week. This is the second loss in the championship game in their only two appearances.

The victory marks the second league titles four seasons for the Warriors. They won Tailgater Bowl XIX in 2017. The move up to fourth on the league totem pole, behind our three three time champions.

CONGRATULATIONS ROB SIMPSON and the Warriors, 2021 Tailgater Fantasy Football League Champion.

I know every other owner was on the edge of their seat waiting to see how they did in their bowl game. Just like in college games, looks like some players sat this out as some teams have not updated their line up in week (myself included). Regardless, here are the bowl game results…

The Monica Lewinski Close But That’s No Cigar Bowl - You guys did know you don’t get anything for this right. Well, the Marauders and Moondogs still played to the death in their bowl game, with the Marauders getting a 129-121 victory. Maybe Monica will show the Marauders what she can do with a victory cigar.

The Nuts and Bolts Bowl Sponsored By Home Depot - I’m just not sure how Tom Brady does it with out AB, but he did. And he led the Great Dismal Swamp Monsters to a monumental 91-80 victory over the Scammers.

The Hall of Fame Bowl - Somebody didn’t touch the “Play Like HOFers” sign on the way out of the tunnel. Dans Destroyers still trying to salvage their season, beat the Oky Ducks 82-64.

Vincent Van Gogh Damn These Masks Bowl - Multiple Scoregasms beat Sea Breeze 124-56. The only noteworthy thing in this game is Sea Breeze almost fielded a team where no players scored ten points. Amazingly , It was Saquan Barkly who managed not to hurt himself and get 10 points.

The Slim Pickens Bowl - Marshall Law sort of avenged their playoff snub, beating I Got Boom 86-60.

With our $50 entry fee, which everyone did pay this year, we have a $600 prize fund. With Team of the Week Prize Money, eleven different owners won money this year. I feel like we should all pitch in a quarter and get I Got Boom a little something for trying.

To avoid making transactions on small dollar amounts, I would like to credit any winnings less than $25 to next year’s entry fee. Please contact me separately if you want your $5 or $10 now. Otherwise, I will update the web site to show a credit for each team that won small dollar amounts.

The list of teams receiving credits for next year are:
Marshall Law ($5)
Dans Destroyers ($5)
Scammers ($10)
Kentucky Moondogs ($5)
Great Dismal Swamp Monsters ($5)
Sea Breeze ($5). All of the prize money earned by these teams are for Team of the Week awards, $5 for each award won.

The teams I will be making financial donations to are:
Multiple Scoregasms, who didn’t actually win a darn thing this year, but never got paid last year. Ya see, what happened was I was supposed to pay him when we golfed. We golfed once last year and I forgot the money. And we never golfed together again.
Flippin Birds ($40) for league runner up and two TOWs.
Oky Ducks ($110) for winning the George Halas division and two Team of the Week awards. I’m not 100% sure if Mark paid me or not. Hmm. Bad book keeping. I’ll take this up off line.
Milford Marauders ($50) for winning the Vince Lombardi division, but not paying his entry fee. So I’m keeping half of his winnings.
Warriors ($265) for winning the league championship, winning the Paul Brown division and winning three TOWs. But he didn’t pay his entry fee either, so I’m keeping another $50 from him.

I’m noticing a disturbing trend that all our division winners didn’t pay. Do not consider that an appropriate strategy, nor a key to future success. Maybe I need to introduce a rule that teams who have not paid by mid season lose their top scoring player to free agency after week seven.

I’m not serious about that. I’ll get prize money distributed this week.

This closes out another fantasy season. I’m not doing an All Star game this year. I will pay out prize money this week, or at the pending Mike King New Year’s Day Golf Thingee. I sincerely thank you all for your participation and hope you enjoyed the league. You are welcome to introduce rule change ideas during the off season by emailing me. And you can look forward to invites to next year’s season around the start of August.
Article ID: 73
Team Entry Fee Amt Paid Winnings Comments
Marshall Law 0 5 0 [1/8/22] $5 credited to 2022 entry fee. 2021 account closed.
Dans Destroyers 0 5 0 [1/8/22] $5 credited to 2022 entry fee. 2021 account closed.
Scammers 0 10 0 [1/8/22] $10 credited to 2022 entry fee. 2021 account closed.
Oky Ducks 0 50 45 [1/14/22] 2021 winnings 110, 2022 entry fee paid from 2021 winnings (-50), BB pool entry paid (-15), League owes Mark 45
Mark won $70 in BBC basketball pool. League Owes Mark $115
Multiple Scoregasms 0 50 15 [1/14/22] 2022 entry fee paid from 2021 winnings. Lg owes Todd $15
Flippin Birds 0 0 0 [1/8/22] Prize Money ($40) paid via PayPal
Kentucky Moondogs 0 5 0 [1/8/22] $5 credited to 2022 entry fee. 2021 account closed.
Milford Marauders 0 50 0 [1/8/22] Per owner request, $50 credited to 2022 entry fee and a gold star for being first fully paid owner next year.
Great Dismal Swamp Monsters 0 5 0 [1/8/22] $5 credited to 2022 entry fee. 2021 account closed.
Warriors 0 0 0 [1/15/22] Check mailed for $265 (prize money minus 2021 entry fee). 2021 account closed.
Sea Breeze 0 5 0 [1/8/22] $5 credited to 2022 entry fee. 2021 account closed.
I Got Boom 0 0 0 [1/8/22] No prize money to credit. 2021 account closed
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